Photoshoot on a camel

🦎Are you currently craving something exotic?

♻️Tired of the same sightseeing?

🎍Do you want something extra?

🏜Then a photo op in the desert with camels will be just right for you!

The desert itself  is an unusual climatic zone for the inhabitants of the European part of the continent, but camels can be found in deserts in their natural conditions.

Basically, all the deserts of the world are rocky and look dull, only a small part of them are sandy. The Arabian Desert is the second largest sandy desert in the world! Incredibly beautiful with red sands, just like we are used to see it in the movies! And it, like nothing else, will emphasize your beauty!

Photos in our desert are very colorful, complementary and quite astonishing.

You will go on this tour in 4×4 jeep to the very heart of the desert, which can only be reached in a special car.

There are the highest dunes, amazing landscapes and incredible sunsets!

A professional photographer will be able to satisfy your most challenging needs. Let a professional make sure that all your shots are sophisticated and saturated with oriental style.

Our photographer will be happy to give advice on places, time of day and other details that distinguish a good shot from hundreds of thousands of others.

The photographer takes pictures, tells how to stand, where to look, and so on.

You can simply order a photo shoot for any number of people: a group, a gathering of friends or a family. You can order a professional individual or family shoot, a love story theme or a marriage proposal.

* The cost of the tour from Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Abu Dhabi is different

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